Classroom Scheduling

Capital Planning and Space Management (CPSM) schedules nearly 170 general-purpose classrooms. Academic classroom requests must be entered into Banner (see below) by each school. After the schools have had time to complete their semester schedule, entry of room scheduling data in Banner is restricted. After this point, changes cannot be made to the schedule except by CPSM. Note, however, that non-centrally scheduled instructional spaces are unaffected by this restriction.

To utilize our instructional spaces effectively, schools should make every effort to schedule classes throughout the day (8:00am - 8:00pm +). Classes are most heavily scheduled MWF 9:05-9:55, 10:05-10:55, 11:05-11:55, 1:05-1:55, 2:05-2:55 and TTH 9:35–10:55 and 1:35–2:55. Your chances of being assigned the classroom requested are greater outside of these times. Classes should not be scheduled TTH in the hours of 11-12 as this time is used for faculty meetings.

If a conflict arises in the scheduling of a course, contact the person in your school who handles scheduling. Your school's academic scheduler will work with the Campus Space Coordinator for Academics in CPSM to resolve the conflict. The designated academic scheduler must make all change requests to CPSM using

  • When making large classroom, cross-list, and room change requests, the correct form should be completed and attached. These forms can be found under “Resources”. Forms are available in Word or Excel Version. If the change(s) cannot be made, the Campus Space Coordinator for Academics will contact the school's academic scheduler.
  • Classes scheduled at standard Georgia Tech times will be given first consideration if a room conflict should arise.
  • Please schedule your nonstandard time classes in your school's spaces, if possible.
  • If there are two courses requesting the same room, the course with the higher enrollment will be assigned the requested room and an alternate will be found for the other course, regardless of priorities.
  • CPSM must be notified of any changes or cancelations of a course, as the room vacated could be needed by another class.
  • CPSM must be notified of any changes in a classroom (replacing desks with tables, or changing the configuration, painting, or renovations).
  • If there are problems with classrooms (air conditioning, heating, lighting, etc.), please have your academic coordinator call your area manager in Facilities.
  • For equipment requests, the Office of Information Technology should be contacted.


The meeting time block on the Banner form SSASECT is utilized by academic coordinators and schedulers for requesting centrally scheduled classrooms. The "Session" field on the first page of SSASECT must contain an "A" (on-campus, in assigned space) to receive a centrally-scheduled classroom assignment. If this field contains any other value, no classroom assignment will be made regardless of entries on the meeting time block.

Special Event Scheduling

Space Management schedules events in general purpose classrooms. To avoid conflicts with regularly scheduled classes, reservation requests will be processed after a semester begins. Go to the Event Scheduling page for further details.